Bumper weeeeeeeeeeekend

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses (thanks, J).

Lebowski Ipsum (thanks, P).

Another work of beautiful genius from Spike Jonze (thanks, P):


Why do we dream (thanks, P)?

Stupid people own guns (and title YT clips) (thanks, J):

Brilliant Hallowe’en food (thanks, P).

Would you like to hear a cure for the US financial corruption crisis expressed with passion?

Some things that are more likely than you clicking on a banner ad (including getting struck by lightning).

Excellent animated history of the iPhone:


Beauty of the semiconductor (thanks, P):

The mouth sounds guy from Police Academy does Whole Lotta Love (thanks, K):

Shatner’s Bohemian Rhapsody (thanks, M):

Very cool old cartoon mashup (thanks, P):

They don’t fall off diving boards as entertainingly as they used to (thanks, D):

And the modern version (thanks, D):

And Doing Something can mean growing a moustache.