Another day, another friend doing some good stuff

If you only read one advertising blog, read The Ad Contrarian.

If you read two, add one or both Of Dave Trott’s.

If you read three, read mine.

But if you’re desperately searching for a fourth*, my friend Hugh Todd, one of the CDs at JWT London, has just entered the fray.

I recommend him not just because he’s a ridiculously good bloke, but because he’s been there and bought the T-shirt at some great places with great bosses: Mid-nineties BBH under John Hegarty, Saatchis under Droga and Granger, JWT under Nick Bell and now the same place under Russell Ramsey. He’s also won loads of awards, judged D&AD and projected Gail Porter’s arse onto the Houses of Parliament.

So expect some good shiz.

*UPDATE: obviously, Sell! Sell! and Vinny Warren also have excellent blogs. That’s why they’re also on the blog roll. Read theirs before mine.