Old Spice gets it just to the left of the bullseye again


When I started in advertising, some of the best work around was for Nike. They had the best strategy, the best stars, the best budgets etc.

But then someone explained to me that working on Nike is a bit of an arse: you do it well, you’ve just done another good Nike ad (easy); you do it badly, you’ve actually managed to fuck up one of the greatest briefs on the planet.

It’s a lose-lose.

And that’s the problem with working on Old Spice. They set the bar so unbelievably high with ‘I’m on a horse’, that all the following ads with look a bit crap in comparison.

The above is a fine example: it’s better than 99% of the ads that get made but I bet most of you couldn’t care less.

I’ve only put it on the blog to illustrate this point, and the further point that even when it looks quite tasty, this business can be a real arse.