My friend, the photographer Oli Kellett, has produced an entire history of the fake country of Vodkovia.

It’s full of amusing stuff, particularly the shop, biogs and national anthem, but above all it has some rather excellent photography and design.

And here’s Oli’s explanation:

‘The idea for TEAM VODKOVIA started in the spring when you couldn’t walk past a billboard without seeing an Olympic athlete looking down on you.

I just thought it would be fun to invent some people who where specifically matched to the event they would participate in. Brave New World Style.

We started thinking about athletes and events and I was sending idea through to Kai at The Operators who was letting me know what was possible with retouching etc. and chipping in his thoughts.

Eventually we settled on 8 athletes and spent a long weekend shooting them in a studio in North London.

At about this point I thought how I would get them out to creatives and Art Buyers and this Top Trump inspired idea came up so I started thinking about biogs for each athlete. I got in touch with a couple of Graphic Designers and a writer and agreed that this had the potential to go bigger. It could become a country who was participating in the Olympics for the first time.

There are more plans for the Team in the new year as well as a State visit from the president with Mr Cameron.’

Why not waste a few minutes there?