Water Water Everywhere: the ad

Here’s an ad I’ve made for my Water Water Everywhere campaign:

It cost me absolutely nothing because the following people are so kind:

George@Academy Films was a brilliant help from start to finish. He offered his help even before I needed it, then found me most of the people below for nowt. And Academy is a brilliant production company with top directors.

Gus Filgate (director) and Sophie Cowling (producer) @ Little Fish Films. They took the brief on with a smile and were a complete pleasure to work with.

Stacia, Mark and Jon at Big Buoy Post – several thousand pounds of making it look great for absolutely nothing (also lovely to work with).

Andy and the others at 750 mph. I work with Andy a lot in my day job and he’s one of the nicest blokes in advertising.

The editor was the excellent Matthew Felstead @ Loaded Dice. Great work and a top guy.

Also a great help were Daryl Corps and Adam Tucker who helped with the design and the script respectively. Cheers, guys.

Anyway, all that aside, I need to get this thing seen. If any of you have any media contacts (or, indeed, ARE media contacts), let me know (bwmkay@gmail.com) and I’ll buy you whatever meal you like best in exchange for some TVRs. Likewise, if you know how to seed stuff online and would like a heartwarmingly public-spirited project to do a bit of free work on, do pop me an email. And if you have a blog or Facebook account, why not stick it up on there? It’ll make you feel all yummy inside.


And the rest of you: use the bloody tap.