Creative Circle 2012

Over my time in advertising the ‘other’ awards scheme has been many things: poor cousin to D&AD, cooler alternative, owner of many odd categories (best use of famous personality? Most encouraging change of advertising direction?), the British awards, a bit of a joke and the distributor of the best trophies in advertising.

Well, now it’s something else.

The new president, Ed Morris (along with the fine team behind the scenes) is balancing the awards side of things with a healthy dose of education:

As they put it:

Creative Circle is a literal circle.

A cycle, encompassing all the creative talent in the UK’s communications industry.

We reward the people at the top and encourage them to help the people at the bottom.

And predominantly, we do this in two ways:

First, as an awards body run and judged by creatives.

Recognising and showcasing great ideas, fresh thinking and craft.

Second, as an education body, run and developed by creatives.

With inspiring workshops, enlightening talks, and new initiatives for those starting out.

Eventually, the people at the bottom become the people at the top.

With the circle complete, the cycle continues.

Out with the old. In with the new.

Which all sounds pretty good to me. The next generation is currently being lost to more attractive, creative and lucrative careers/countries, so any efforts to prevent that should be applauded. Crafts must be appreciated and learned; people born in the nineties must be touched, moved and inspired to feel like I did back in ’96, when I would have cut off my shins with a penknife for a CC Gold.

I suppose the next stage is seeing the actions that go with these words. I want this to succeed, so I shall regard the entire enterprise with the optimism of a kid popping his letter to Jimmy Saville in the post.

By the way, for more info, there’s also a blog, and a call for entries: