Dogeared clothing

Continuing the very occasional series of creatives who are doing something extracurricular and entrepreneurial (I think the last one was about ten months ago), I present for your inspiration Dogeared Clothing.

It’s the brainchild (that’s a nice word, isn’t it? Like a little foetus that sits in your head, sucking away at your precious nutrients until – hey presto! – it’s ready for you to squeeze it out through your mouth or pen and watch it thrive into a fine upstanding member of society or become a whey-faced twocker with a lax attitude to sexual assault) of my DLKW/Lowe chums Seb Housden and Ben McCarthy.

They say:

‘Simple idea, t-shirt graphics based on books with £2 from each T going to the VRH, who we’ve got an agreement with.’

Log on and buy one.