It’s all in the mind

I went to see Jerusalem on Saturday. As it was the last night, the lead actor spent a while thanking everyone involved, which included us, the audience. He said that he was grateful to us because the production just plants a seed, but then everything else happens in our imaginations and without that there would be nothing.


It reminded me of this lecture that I posted ten days ago:

Towards the end of it the lecturer suggests that we all exist within a version of Inception, where implanted ideas control the way we behave. Ultimately we don’t really know why we buy this car or that chocolate bar, but nevertheless we do so. He believes that we ae subject to suggestions placed in our minds by advertising that we can neither recognise nor consciously control.

On one side, that does feel like it has some truth in it, but on the other, we are are subject to many sub/unconscious influences that shape all our decisions and actions. Advertising may be more deliberate than most, but it just has to take its place in a chorus of voices vying for our attention.

And in the end it’s all down to what we are willing to listen to.

Something we have little choice over.