Something for next weekend, for the kids, for the environment.

If you don’t have or know any kids, feel free to stop reading now. Skip to the Lurpak post or click on the link to Wieden’s blog on the right and read about their latest cupcakes competition/award-winning ad.

If you do have kids you might be interested in Scrapped. It’s a project run by my wife to raise money for our local primary school’s arts fund.

In the project’s own words, it’s ‘making good use of the stuff everyone takes for granted. We have created a one-off, two day event packed with creative workshops to inspire every and any kid.

Create a Scrap City – 3D Trees – Monster Masks – Super Scrap Art – Scrap Hanging Birds – Play Pots & Pans – Cook Something New – Get into Storytelling – Perform with masks…’

I think most parents understand the job mainly consists of thinking up things to do on weekends that your children will find both edifying and entertaining. Unfortunately that’s about nine million times harder than you might think, so thank god for things like this.

Here’s the project’s main site which has more information and booking facilities.

See you there.