Creative Circle – the bash

I went to the Creative Circle Awards last night.

In many ways they were as an awards do should be: short on awards, long on drinking, chatting and listening to Paloma Faith.

Talking of whom, I was chatting to Mr. Mark Denton when a strikingly dressed and glamorous lady appeared behind him and proceeded to hover politely, waiting to interject. When she finally got her chance she said to Mark, ‘Hi, you’re Mark Denton. I’ve been told I have to come and talk to you’. I took this is as my cue to chat to Tony Cullingham, and it was only when said lady took to the stage an hour later that I discovered that she was indeed Paloma Faith. What did she say to Mark? I have no idea. Maybe he can enlighten us. (By the way, I have no idea who anyone famous is. I thought I nearly ran down Gok Wan on my bike this morning, but it wasn’t her.)

Anyway, the big winner on the night was this:

Creative Circle seems to have binned the Platinum award in favour of a ‘Gold of Golds’, which was won by JL. Hats off to everyone involved. They played it twice. I cried twice. My son is very similar to the boy in the ad, and I’m a right whoopsie, so it was bound to happen.

I was also able to find out CC’s plans for education. Apparently I’m not supposed to talk about them yet, but if they accomplish half of what they’re planning I think we could see some real forward strides in the quality of young people coming through (not that the current lot are bad by any stretch of the imagination – I gave a crit to the third years from Lincoln this week, and they were excellent – but there’s always room for improvement).