Homeless Hotspots

For those of you not in South By Southwest, there’s a bit of an issue going on that’s got a lot of people in quite the tizzy.

Apparently, BBH Labs have given homeless people the opportunity to become mobile hotspots so you can give them a donation and use the internet.

So that’s bad, isn’t it?

Rich white people turning poor black folk into 21st Century tech-slaves. They’re like the cotton pickers of yore, breaking their backs for a meagre wage while the white masser looks down from his antebellum mansion before popping indoors to exercise his droit de seigneur over the poor chap’s missus.

Well, no. It’s not really. The only things that really matter in this world are measurable results in real life. Everything else is in your head, and that includes middle class hipster hand-wringing, outrage at the merciless stripping of dignity, indignation at the ‘exploitation’ of people you’ve never met and all the other emotions that rise up inside you that actually say more about you than about the situation.

Meanwhile, Clarence gets a sandwich and some dude from Goodby’s gets to surf Pornhub while he walks around Austin.

Those are some great measurable results in real life.