Lovely new Audi ad

What I really like about this ad is its elegant density: it manages to cram so many product messages into such delicate images that you just have to take your hat off to it then lick the screen for a bit.

It says: Audi have made cars for ages; Audi made innovative cars that were (are) ahead of their time; Audi persisted with their innovations despite ridicule; Audi drivers are just that little bit different, in a good way; and Audi make really bloody tasty cars now.

All in a very beautiful piece of film.

Incidentally, my 6-year-old son saw an Audi estate this morning and thought it was the most amazing car he’d ever clapped eyes on. He’s seen Ferraris and Lamborghinis, so I’ve no idea what hallucinogens I’d accidentally added to his Weetabix, but there’s a fan for the future.

(Interest declared: it was done by my friends Mat and Ian at BBH.)