Omnicom/DDB just bought adam and eve for £60m


1. Given the rumours that abounded regarding the terms of WPP’s legal contretemps with A&E (apparently, after leaving RKCR/Y&R, one of them was caught soliciting clients before he was supposed to), does this mean Omnicom owns a slice of WPP? I find that very hard to believe, but it’d make things fun.

2. The new agency is called Adam and Eve/DDB, kind of like AMV BBDO (the smaller, more creative name comes first). It seems like an oddly supine position for a giant like DDB to take. I’m writing this before various details are revealed in tomorrow’s Campaign, but I’m intrigued to know what positions the management of A&E will take at DDB. Will Ben and Emer be the new CDs of DDB, the agency they left to join A&E? DDB London (as it used to be known) is currently without a CD, so it makes sense.

3. Does the receptionist have to say ‘Hello, A and E DDB,’? It’s like a sweet little poem.

4. How long’s the earn-out?

5. Will this get in the way of Emer writing another children’s book? I hope not.

UPDATE: some of the questions are answered here. All looks good (Ben and Emer=ECDs).