The making of Blackcurrant Tango

(Thanks, Adliterate.)

This seminal ad came out the year I started in advertising. We all loved this, were jealous of it and read many, many briefs where some lily-livered client requested their own Blackcurrant Tango then wouldn’t touch your attempt at it with a ten-foot pole (possibly with good reason).

Funny to look back on it and see how charmingly naive the ‘fashions’ of the day were. Remember, these are advertising people; they supposedly give a shit about the latest trends and are able to afford them. But just look at what they’re wearing, particularly the guy in the red shirt and waistcoat who seems to be the director.

Do those of you born on the late eighties/early nineties regard this as I regarded the seventies? Quirky, dated and alien?

Anyway, for those of you who haven’t seen what Pencil-winning genius 1996-stylee looks like, check this out: