Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver (thanks, P):

Movie style (thanks, J).

The making of Goodfellas (thanks, V):


Meet the memes.

NWA and Easy-E albums with just the swearing (thanks, A).

Beautifully animated BAFTA-winning short (thanks, P):

Maurice Sendak, RIP:

MCA, RIP (it’s been a bad week; thanks, P):


You want to see tough? Here’s tough (thanks, F):

Anti-marijuana ad likely to induce psychosis (thanks, A):

Jack Nicholson preparing for his ‘Here’s Johnny’ scene from The Shining (thanks, A).

More funny Amazon reviews (thanks, R).

Skate Ipsum (thanks, P).

And finally, I’m organising a dads introduction to the Landmark Forum on the 21st of May. If you are a dad, or you know a dad, come along or send them along. It’ll be led by a dad, and you can talk about dad things. Or choose not to. My dad’s coming all the way from LA. to see what it’s all about. How exciting. Email me if you want to come and I’ll save you a seat (bwmkay@gmail.com).