This is a really very good print campaign

As regular readers (hi mum!) will know, I have trouble putting pictures up on this blog. Problem number one is WordPress won’t let me do it; problem number two is I’ve exhausted my enthusiasm for solving problem number one.

So if you want to see these great Harvey Nix press ads, check ’em out here.

Why are they so good?

1. They’re brave. Come on, models who have pissed themselves? When did you last (or ever) see an ad that explicitly featured urine? And in a funny way. Incorporating piss that makes you laugh into an ad for a major brand is quite some achievement.

2. They’re beautifully art directed. I know HN ads are always beautifully art directed, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. I confess that I’ve never heard of the team, but the AD has done a really excellent job.

3. Great ads on brands that have a history of great ads is much tougher than it looks. The bar is higher, expectations are higher and the it’s-not-as-good-as-the-last-one-ometer is immediately set to the red zone. And now I’m trying to remember the last time HN did a press ad that really stood out like these do. It probably wasn’t very long ago, but I’m often too drunk to recall such things.

4. All the advice people get about disruption, asking forgiveness instead of permission, shaking things up etc. is so often talked but not walked. Here it is loud and clear in ads that will definitely get noticed, talked about, liked and remembered.


(I love it when ads are good.)