I think this is a sequel to The great Schlep

Here’s Sarah Silverman offering to rub her groin on the groin of a man who wants to donate $100m to Mitt Romney:

It’s funny, but not as funny as The Great Schlep. Obviously it has lost the element of surprise that made TGS so fresh, but it’s also more gratuitous. Instead of offering some kind of solution to the issue (however many people actually schlepped), it’s just a slightly ridiculous bit of comedy styling.

Perhaps it’s an incredibly perceptive indication of the way the US political landscape has changed in the last four years. In 2008 many of us were praying Obama would get in (remember the alternative: being one old man’s heart attack away from President Palin) and the rush of hope that went with him was palpable.

This time the support for Obama has become somewhat jaded because he hasn’t delivered every single last thing he hoped he would, the swine. But he does seem to be much, much less of a crazy asshole than Romney, so fingers crossed he doesn’t need that guy’s $100m, because I don’t think he’s going to get it.

But thanks for trying, Ms Silverman.