Polar Bear thing looks great but that’s about it

As I watched this I wondered how could anyone do such a thing?

How could anyone make that polar bear look so real?

Hats off to the post dudes.

Or the bear handler.

As far as the ad goes, I’m afraid they’ve spent a lot of money presenting something too exaggerated for me to really engage with. Look, the coming situation is really like a polar bear walking around the shittiest parts of London then getting a bit depressed.

Except it isn’t.

It’s more like people digging up large parts of the Arctic while the polar bears possibly have to move somewhere else. Only that’s not quite as interesting visually. But it does make more sense. And treats us with a bit more intelligence.

I think it’s summed up by the most popular YouTube comment: Simply and scary. We have to do something.

What exactly?

(Oh yes, and the choice of music: Everything In Its Right Place! GEDDITT??!!)