Return of the Scamp

Scamp is posting again in a slightly different format.

So why’s he back? Well, I think the post explains it, but there’s anything else you need to know about creative advertising’s foremost blogger, here’s a bit of bumph:

Scamp, the advertising blog run by Australia-based creative Simon Veksner – formerly the No.1 ad blog in the UK and one of the most-visited advertising websites in the world – is re-starting after a 2-year hiatus. Launched in 2006, Scamp was the first advertising blog to be written by a creative, and its witty commentary on the latest ads and advertising trends, plus a regular series of ‘Tips For Young Creatives’, made it a must-read for the creative community in the UK, and highly popular worldwide. The ‘Tips’ section of the Scamp website was turned into a successful book, called ‘How To Make It As An Advertising Creative’, but Veksner shuttered the blog in 2010. “There was a conflict between writing a feisty ad blog, and working as a creative director in a big agency,” Veksner explained to Campaign Brief. “But now that I have set myself up as a creative independent (Veksner left the Deputy ECD role at DDB Sydney earlier this year, having moved to Sydney after a 4-year stint at BBH London) I can speak with the independent voice that a good ad blog requires. Having said that, I am not going to be writing daily news and gossip this time around, but will be aiming for a more in-depth, once-a-week post – of dubious usefulness – every Monday.”

Welcome back, Scampy-poo. It’s been kind of lonely without you.