It’s a big one this week. I’m off on holiday for a bit, so may not be posting. If your office life is a little dull, maybe you should ration this stuff like wartime chocolate:

Trailer for Drew: The Man Behind The Poster (thanks, P):

Here’s a social experiment: is Wank London funny? (Thanks, J):

Parisien apartment opened for the first time in 70 years.

The art of logo design (thanks, P):

The Humpy Awards (thanks, W):

A brief history of title design:

How Hitchcock got people to see Psycho (thanks, P):

Lego The Wire (thanks, C).

135 shots that will restore your faith in cinema (if you ever lost it) (thanks, C):

The Thick Of It’s nicknames:

Fantastic swimming pools (thanks, D).

Batman’s wonderful toys (thanks, P):