It’s nice that it’s nice that have featured my bookshelf

If you’d like to know my five favourite books, have a look at this piece on It’s Nice That, which features exactly that.

The ones I chose were somewhat arbitrary. If I had decided to really think about it and give a weighted points allocation based on longevity, style, ideas, presentation etc. I’d never have got back to the nice people at INT.

So those five were selected, but many others were left out, for example:

D&AD 1993.

The Song Of Ice And Fire saga.

Catch 22.

Lots of PG Wodehouse.

Adventures In The Screen Trade

Great Expectations.

Wine: A Life Uncorked.

The Freak Brothers anthology.

I Am Camera.

Any Paul Strand collections.

Casino Royale.


The Stanley Kubrick Archives.

The Black Swan.


High Fidelity.

The Biographical Dictionary Of Film.

But I do like to learn from this blog, so what are your favourite books? Classics, pulp fiction, novels, cook books, instruction manuals, porn and those books you used to find by the till at Borders all welcome.