Amazing behind-the-scenes photos of Kill Bill (thanks, P).

Crazy Russian ravers are always good for a laugh (thanks, B):

A very interesting new way to fund award entries (thanks, B).

It’s beautifully shot men throwing rocks with their other hand (thanks, B):

Very addictive waste of time (thanks, C):

El Hadji Diouf’s Day Off (thanks, W):

Check out Mars (thanks, P).

Olympics or gay porn? (Thanks, T).

21 interesting Google searches (thanks, J).

Museum of endangered sounds (thanks, L).

Stats using the Olympic logo (Please don’t sue me, LOCOG. Thanks, P):

The Actors’ Studio mashup (thanks, J):

I forgot how jaw-droppingly funny this Family Guy song is (thanks, T).

Famous people you might not have known were on Seinfeld (thanks, C).

The most amazing commute of all time (thanks, S):