Twitter film project

My upstairs neighbour, Jordan Waid is a thoroughly good bloke, and happens also to be the recipient of a student Academy Award.

He won it for his short film, The Piece, which tells of an art thief who steals a tiny bit of a paint from some of the greatest artworks in the world to create his own collection. Meanwhile, a detective is tracking him down…

I was always intrigued by this plot, but never got around to asking him if I could see the finished article.

Fortunately I need wait no longer, because he’s putting the film online.

But more interestingly he’s going to be Tweeting the entire screenplay based on the short. He’ll then be doing the same to other screenplays he’s writing to receive feedback to influence the story.

Jordan says: ‘I am carefully formatting each Tweet so it has a good flow yet retains all the elements of the screenplay. With all the screenplays I release I’ll be watching to see which scenes gain the most comments or retweets and which characters drive traffic. It’s immediate and brutal but I’m excited about how this might influence future works.’

And here’s a blog about the whole thing.

As a writer of longer plots, I’d love to see how this works. Please follow him @Tweetfilmproj and see if your contributions make a difference to what happens next…