The truth about honesty (thanks, P):

Billie Joe Armstrong is not happy at having one minute left (thanks, E):


isbarackobamathepresident? (Thanks, P.)

Breakbad Mountain (thanks, J):

Art lessons (thanks, P):

Hollywood’s waning creativity (thanks, G).

Two kinds of people (thanks, V):

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo (thanks, Z).

The man with the biggest balls on earth (thanks, S).

Words of advice for young people from William S. Burroughs:

And TS Eliot on creativity (thanks, P).

Street ghosts (thanks, J).

Artist takes every drug known to man then draws a self portrait after each one (thanks, J).

Man has sex with couch abandoned in street.

LA album cover locations (thanks, A).

And what would your life be without Samurai Cop? (Thanks, W.):