Ooooooooh! Get you, ducky! It’s the weekend!

Dude playing the spoons to Insomnia by Faithless (thanks, B):

Beautiful portraits on maps (thanks, J).

I want to drink whiskey with this guy, and I don’t even like whiskey (thanks, D):

Sergeant Pepper cover shoot (thanks, T).

Dead flies art (thanks, S).

Weave silk (hours of fun; thanks, F).

Fart by mail (thanks, J).

10 hours of bacon pancakes (thanks, D):

The incredible beauty of a cheetah in motion (thanks, S).

Fun ways to die (thanks, J).

Reply from the Attorney General to the Grand Dragon of the KKK (thanks, N).

Ultimate falling on ice compilation (thanks, V):

Adam Buxton’s Summertime Blues (thanks, G):

Drum Robot (thanks, W):

Bill Murray’s Sally League Speech (thanks, P):

Carrier bags are truly fucking awful (thanks, D).

Sexy football managers calendar (Fergie and Dalgleish win this for me. Thanks, S).

The Hello video analysed (thanks, D):