Fuck the week! It’s the weekend!

Excellent police motorcyclist (thanks, S):

The bad Santa gallery (thanks, T).

Man raps to Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’ in Family Guy voices (thanks, S):

Crazy Russian drivers (thanks, R):


Game of Thrones as Seinfeld (thanks, S):

There was a Frankie Goes To Hollywood video game on the Spectrum (thanks, T):

Amazing Christmas lights set to Gangnam Style (thanks, S):

People having a worse day than you (thanks, B).

Best receipts.

25 best Dr Dre beats (thanks, A).

Pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food (thanks, W).

Shit London.

100 masters of animation:

White Christmas, Gangnam Style:

If Gand Theft Auto starred a horse (thanks, T):