Lance morality: part two

So yesterday’s point was about whether a larger good deed can justify a bad one.

Today we look at artificial enhancement.

Which of these is fair?

1. An ageing actor has plastic surgery and wins parts that might have gone to other actors.

2. A cyclists injects himself with steroids when pretty much everyone else is doing it. The work is still hard, but if he didn’t take the steroids he would be miles behind.

3. A bodybuilder wants to enter shows but he doesn’t want to take drugs. Unfortunately, no one watches non-steroid bodybuilding shows.

4. The son of a footballer is found to have certain genetic advantages that end up helping him to captain his country.

5. A girl goes through public school where she is given top quality training and equipment to become one of the world’s best archers.

6. A boy has nice, encouraging parents who sacrifice everything to help him become the greatest chef in the country.

7. The parents of a five-year-old girl tell her she is nothing. She is then beaten and humiliated for the rest of her childhood. She turns this experience into the drive that makes her an Oscar-winning actor.

8. A man is an average athlete. He is in a car crash which leaves him with no legs. He becomes a gold medal Paralympian.

9. A small child is looking through an old wardrobe. He happens to find a copy of Harry Potter. This inspires a massive love of reading and storytelling that makes him a best-selling author.

‘All advantages are unfair’ – Dave Trott.