This ad is very confusing

It’s because I don’t recognise any of the Liverpool players (I know a few LFC fans read this, so apologies to them).

The odd thing about that is that I’m quite an obsessed footie fan and I recognised all the Man U players, so it’s not as if I only recognise those who play for Arsenal. That leads me to believe there will be quite a few people in my boat, making the ad a bit of a waste of money (cheap production budget, I s’pose, not counting the fees to the clubs).

Then I see the punchline at the end and it makes even less sense. (Massive apology again, LFC fans.) Liverpool and Man United aren’t even vaguely equals anymore, so the thrust of the ad, which kind of suggests that they are, is fucked, really.

But whatever the oddness of all that, it pales into insignificance when placed beside this unholy steamer:

Seriously? Turkish fucking Airlines? Seriously? I mean, seriously? (I wish it were possible to italicise a bit harder. Hang on… Seriously?)


Well, I guess they’re better known than they were before this somewhat odd piece of poop hit the airwaves.

Job done?

UPDATE: as I have no idea what Turkish Airlines is trying to accomplish, if it is just to seem big and legit, then job definitely done. These ads are even running on billboards in LA, so that might well be the case.