You (yes, you!) can become a creative circle judge (assuming you are an advertising creative).

Jeremy Green of Creative Circle wants you (yes, you!) to judge CC this year:
I am inviting every creative in the UK to register with us to be involved in the first round of judging. Having examined all the various judging systems that are employed by the various award bodies I’m not convinced that they are 100% fair and democratic. So the process I want to implement is as follows…

Round One
Every creative in the UK is invited to register with the Circle and once verified they will be involved in the first round of judging. Here they will be broken into small groups that will be sent a selection of entries via an online link. They are then required to score these out of 10. The five highest scoring entries in each category will go forward to the second round.

Round Two
Senior invited creatives from around the industry make up the round two juries. They again will judge and score the five highest entries from round one out of 10 and then the mean of the first and second round scores will equate to what goes through to the final round.

Round Three, the Final Gold Round
In the past this has been just 12 CDs from around the industry showing hands. This year we are making the group bigger with expertise in each field (commercial director for the film categories etc) and rather than a show of hands it will be conducted with voting on a hand held device so nobody knows who is voting for what. Yes they can discuss, but they can’t manipulate who votes for what.

I think with all of this we will have the fairest and most democratic voting process of all the award bodies.

Sign up here. You have nothing to lose but your reasons for being pissed off that someone else won.