Amazing Scorsese documentary (you have to sign in. Thanks, D).

Peevertising (thanks, J).

…which reminded me of this. I am fully ashamed (not really) of how much it makes me laugh.

National Office Of Importance (thanks, R).

If superheroes were sponsored by brands (thanks, W).

Another funny series of emails that I don’t quite believe (thanks, W).

Blimey: porn stars without make-up (thanks, J).

Great explanation of religion (thanks, D):

Take your shot (thanks, G):

Very impressive juggling (thanks, G):

THIS is modern life in one story (thanks, J).

Billy Joel is nice (thanks, S & J):


North Korean anti-USA propaganda film:


And finally, a very NSFW song about the Pope, from Tim Minchin (thanks, C):