Interesting/crap ad from Dove

I guess its  heart is in the right place, but these are my problems with it:

1. As I pointed out on this blog about six years ago, Unilever, the company that owns Dove, also owns Lynx, possibly the greatest objectifiers of women in the history of mankind. So this is just a giant corporation doing whatever it thinks it has to do to sell stuff. Unilever obviously doesn’t really care about ‘real beauty’, so this just smacks of money grabbing bullshit. I’d rename it the campaign for real avarice, or the campaign for real condescension.

2. So we’re talking about the artifical enhancement of ‘real beauty’ are we? And where do you draw the line with that? Make-up? Plastic surgery? Flattering clothes? I guess you could say that women make their own minds up about those decisions but the effect is the same: woman sees other woman with great tits/big eyes/small bum, doesn’t take into account the make-up/surgery/clothing involved, feels a little less good about herself as a consequence. Same as retouching.

3. No art director who retouches women will give a shit about this. All that will happen is that they’ll get mildly irritated.

Otherwise, great.