Why are british sportspeople such bad actors?

Here’s a dreadful ad I saw on the weekend:


I can’t remember anything about it but I’m sure as hell not going to sit through it again.

The only impression it left me with was that of the utter lack of personality displayed by Jenson, Jessica and the other one.

OK, it’s not their day job, but nor is it the primary skill of American athletes, yet they do it so much better:

I wonder why that is.

Media training? Better directors? The prevalence of public speaking opportunities from an early age, such as ‘show and tell’? All of the above?

UPDATE: I’ve watched it again (it was on before Se7en on Living) and it makes literally NO fucking sense. Why are the three ‘stars’ following people around and telling them boring things about Santander? It says something about the 123 account at the end, but I still have no idea why that means sportspeople will stalk you while you’re taking a piss or painting a picture.

Any ideas? Anyone? Bueller?