Another side project creative

Here’s an email I received last week:
Hi Ben,
I’m an art director at Havas London (formerly Euro RSCG) and I know that you sometimes post about creatives doing stuff other than advertising.
So I’ll cut straight to it. This is what I’m plugging…
I recently just completed the album design, art direction, photography, and music promo for my musician sister Rhiannon Mair.
Cutting a long-winded story short I started to help my sister with her album ‘Look’ and it all snowballed from there.
I know a lot of siblings say their family is amazing in that awful X Factor type way, but she is very, very good.
She’s an up and coming singer songwriter who has launched an album and tour by herself, cutting out the need for a record label.
She wrote, played, recorded and produced the entire album and had it mastered at Abbey Road by getting it ‘fan funded’ through this site.
She is currently touring radio stations and venues round the UK.
It would be great to see what you think. I don’t want to cloud your opinion but we did everything on a budget of nothing.
Anyway, thanks for reading. Blog is great. It’s a daily read for me.
Isn’t that great?
He likes my blog!