Google ‘zerg rush’.

Beautiful abandoned places.

Changing the pitch on Daft Punk makes them sound like Michael Jackson (thanks, G):

Beautiful record stores.

The 50 best author-to-author disses.

How far are you from a rat? 10 urban myths debunked (thanks, T).

The remarkable Brushy One String (thanks, G):

The secret lives of inanimate objects (thanks, W).

The evolution of music (thanks, L):

Films about LA.

Have fun with the Tokyo City Symphony (thanks, L).

Brilliant historical photos (thanks, G).

And the obligatory Louis CK link: Louis on Howard Stern. Seriously, if you want to learn about life, career progression, happiness, satisfaction and how to be a brilliant human being, watch this from beginning to end. It’s a great pleasure just listening to these guys chat, but there is so much to inspire (thanks, J):