Surfer or Noitulove?

When I was at AMV a few big Guinness ads were made.

I know there’s a lot of love for Swimblack, and one of my old art directors loves Dreamclub, but the two biggest are surely Surfer:

And Noitulove:

But which would you rather have made?

In the red corner, weighing in at about two million pounds, we have Surfer, winner of two – count ’em – two D&AD Black Pencils. I think it also won Channel 4’s contemporaneous poll to find the greatest ad of all time, the Creative Circle Platinum award and best ad at the BTAAs. However, it didn’t win the Cannes Grand Prix, nor Best Of Show at The One Show (it lost out to Independent Litany and We Know What Men Are Thinking respectively).

While in the blue corner we have Noitulove, winner (apparently by a landslide over Sony Balls) of the Cannes Grand Prix for film and Best Of Show at The One Show. It was, however, beaten to best ad at the BTAAs by Impossible Dream and won a single craft Silver Pencil for Special Effects at D&AD, so more popular abroad than at home. Overall, it won ‘more awards’ than Surfer, but that might be because it was entered in award schemes that Surfer was not.

So they seem quite even in award terms, but which would you rather have made?

For what it’s worth, I’d rather have made Surfer, but then I’d rather have made Surfer than any other ad in history.