And now… the end is near. The end of the week, that is. Not the end of your life, unless you happen to die tomorrow. That would be an unfortunate coincidence.

Famous authors’ outlines of classics (thanks, T).

London in colour  circa 1927 (thanks, G):

Point Break as directed by Wes Anderson, David Lynch and two guys I’ve never heard of (thanks, T):

Excellent movie trivia (thanks, G).

Commentator sings Eye Of The Tiger with Paul Scholes lyrics when he scores (thanks, G):

Bet you can’t do this:

Insert me anywhere (not rude; funny. Thanks, J).

David Lee Roth is quite 80s (thanks, G):

People running for trains in slow motion (thanks, J):

Billy On The Street – Quickfire Round (thanks, G):

Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal:

Celebrity face mash-ups (thanks, G).

Michael Jackson rehearsing (thanks, G):