Hi Ben,

I hope Friday is treating you well.
Following on from your recent article regarding other interests outside of advertising. I thought I’d follow it up with mine. Im currently residing at Adam&EveDDB, but in my spare time I run an artistic t-shirt collective with two good friends of mine. whatfriendsdo resonates with the dreamlike and transcendant ideals of modern counter culture, and we believe in an alternative platform for unestablished artists to exhibit their creations. We create some of the designs ourselves whilst others are from talented creatives and designers from all round the globe from Asia, the States, and Scandinavia to name a few.
We run a weekly stall in Bricklane Upmarket and Spitafields on a Sunday also.
Anyway we hope you like them and it would be amazing if you could make our Friday with a post on your lovely blog. Or even better still if your ever in the area pop by and we’ll give you a free tee 🙂
All the best,