4 down: End of the week (7)

RIP James Gandolfini, and RIP Tony Soprano: an in-depth analysis of why he died at the end of the series (thanks, J).

Non-drummer drums; non-pianist plays piano (thanks, G):

Gunplay supercut:

Fighting supercut (thanks, G):

All about plot holes.

A history of protest.

I think that was done by Richard Curtis. Here’s the flipside of him (thanks, W):

Movie locations as holiday destinations (thanks, G).

George Carlin on snitches:

Make things do stuff (thanks, V).

Peter Jackson answers Stephen Colbert’s fan question (thanks, G):

Jackie Chan fought with Bruce Lee (thanks, G):

David Cameron shouldn’t check his Twitter feed.

A Cheers outline.

Troy MacLure supercut (thanks, G):


When the Harlem Shake goes wrong:

How a Brazilian tribe converted a missionary to Atheism (thanks, G):

Cool bike shit: