weekedn (anag.)

Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park for the duration of Jurassic Park (thanks, J).

What people are Googling in real time (thanks, G).

Bask in this wonderful guitar playing (thanks, T):


This site, gangsta slanged (thanks, C).

Best movie phone conversation (thanks, G):


Desk safari (thanks, J).

The construction of Disneyland:

Ghost stations of the London Underground (thanks, J).

Amazing Mortal Kombat flick book (thanks, S):


And another fine Mortal Kombat link (thanks, A. Another flip book here):

Kinetic type: Conan O’Brien.

Alf from Home and Away, not quite as I remember him (thanks, A):

Letterman asks about drums (thanks, O):

Kim Dotcom, the raid (thanks, G):