‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance well that’s no friends of the weekend

Lack of hair=violence.

The meanings of prison tattoos (thanks, G).

Terrible death scenes (thanks, J):

This is how you die (thanks, J):

The Stairway to Heaven deleted scene from Almost Famous:

The 90s button (thanks, G).

Ad-dtional fiction (thanks, R).

Hyphen Killer (thanks, T).

Someone done a poo on a spaceship (scroll down to page 414. Thanks, G).

The Tube in the 80s (thanks, T).

Ad agency comes up with plausible fake reality shows (thanks, G).

Good wall of death promo (thanks, B):

Movie posters made with Comic Sans and clip art (thanks, V).

Royal baby thing for Great Ormond Street (thanks, C).

Behind the scenes of The Empire Strikes Back (thanks, G).

Bringing $1bn to life (thanks, G):

Evangelist Street Fighter (thanks, G):

Bryan Cranston disguised himself as himself and no one noticed (thanks, G).

Lovely story (thanks, G):