Absolutely brilliant creative side project

Many of the creative side projects I feature on this blog have been at the request of the person behind the project. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Unless you want me to publicise your violently racist political party I’d be happy to tell the world what you get up to when you’re away from the office.

But occasionally I like to bring to your attention the work of someone in the industry despite the fact that they have not asked me to.

My friend Emer Stamp, erstwhile ECD of A&E/DDB and brand new mother of the beautiful Willem, has written an absolutely brilliant kids book, The Unbelievable To Secret Diary Of Pig (I can’t remember when it comes out, but thanks to Amazon you can just pre-order it and wait. She sent me a real copy so it does exist).

When she first came up with it she sent me a copy for my kids to read and they absolutely loved it. It’s so well written: heartbreaking, funny and completely original (did I mention that she’s an art director by trade?), and adults will warm to it to the same extent as their kids.

I know this all sounds like some kind of paid-for plug or favour for a mate, but it’s neither of those things. I’m pretty certain Emer would blush at my complimentary words because she’s that kind of person, but if modesty prevents her shouting from the rooftops about her excellent book I’m delighted to do it for her.