Can’t be arsed to write ‘weekend’. Still on holiday.

Bass players’ basses replaced with dogs (thanks, J).

How they made the first scene of Apocalypse Now (thanks, G):

David Camerporn (vaguely NSFW. Thanks, G).

How to speak with a British accent (thanks, W):

Ice Ice Baby sung by the movies (thanks, J and G):

How to be outraged on the internet (thanks, W).

Hotel graffiti (thanks, J).

Great ‘missed connections’ story and comments (thanks, G).

Here come more comedians in cars getting coffee:

Writers and their typewriters (thanks, T).

Simple writing tips (thanks, G).

Which urinal to pick? (Thanks, J.)

Led Zep videos (thanks, T).

Fight Club trivia (thanks, G).

Brilliant Louis CK quotes (thanks, J).