One of those rare ad experiments that gives us something good

I’m always a bit amazed when big celeb/ad projects happen. The ability to synchronise the schedules of the people involved alone is worthy of a big pat on the back, but when something really very cool is created then I’m even more impressed.

Which brings me to this collaboration between Blackberry and the excellent writer Neil Gaiman (interest declared: it was done by my friends Sonny and Milo at AMV). Neil tweeted questions about each month then used the answers to inspire him to write a calendar of stories, then he put the work out there to be illustrated by his fans:

According to the website:

The new BlackBerry® Z10 is designed to keep you moving, so we gave it to some people who never stop. Some incredibly talented and ambitious people who are always looking for the next exciting challenge.

That’s where you came in.

They each collaborated with their fans, in a variety of ways, on their own unique, groundbreaking project with BlackBerry. Alicia Keys, Robert Rodriguez and Neil Gaiman have now, with your help, completed their projects.

Visit their project pages to see the fantastic work you helped them to create.

This has also inspired the Miley Cyrus midlife-crisis-at-20 project, where we all send in ideas for what she’ll find most embarrassing when she hits 40 and she films the ten worst ones. You already saw number ten at the VMAs on Sunday. Keep your eyes peeled number nine: the Ian McKellen sex tape.