Sex Cells

Anna Denton (wife of Mark) has written her first play. I read it a while ago and thought it was excellent.

It’s the story of the ladies (and a bloke) who work in the call centre for a sex aids company. The dialogue and vibe reminded me a lot of Abigail’s party, but the situation is really funny and original. Here’s the trailer:

It’s on at the Riverside Studios in October for a 4 week run (tickets available here). Anna is also the (first time) producer and Mark is the executive producer (whatever that means) and boss of the advertising that has to sell 5000 tickets. Other talented people have helped, including Coy!’s Fern Berresford, who shot the image for the poster and directed the trailer.

Mark’s started a new company called Coy Content off the back of it (because everyone’s talking about content and a play feels like a genuine bit of content) and the website for that will be up in a week or so.

I wish it massive and elongated success and am looking forward enormously to seeing it.