Unbreak my weekend, say you’ll love me forever.

What is the great American novel?

Sharks make movies better (thanks, J).

Scottish parenting (thanks, G):


YouTube’s worst-rated videos all in one handy place (thanks, J).

Great houses in films:

Vintage WTF (thanks, J).

Paris as a Chinese shithole (thanks, G).

B3TA punctuation challenge (thanks, J).

Well written Yelp reviews (thanks, G).

R/GA film titles retrospective:

Literary classics made accessible. Sort of (thanks, T).

Jerry Lewis’s unreleased holocaust movie (thanks, G).

The wonderful gif dance party (thanks, B).

The Smiths + Charlie Brown (thanks, V).

Louis CK ‘Of course… But maybe…’ (thanks, G):


Guillermo del Toro’s sketchbook (thanks, V).

‘Distorted rugs’ sounds boring, but this is cool (thanks, J).

It’s not often I write this, but: great poem (thanks, C):

Decapitated snake’s head attacks own body (thanks, J).