I play along while rushing cross the forest, monkey business on the weekend

Sublime… Sartre Wars (thanks, T):

Behind the scenes of Rosemary’s Baby (thanks, T).

Photos of New York, 1970-1989 (thanks, G).

And vintage crime scenes superimposed on modern photos of New York (also thanks, G).

Octopi make chameleons look like dogs’ nuts.

More accidental penises (thanks, J).

Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling (thanks, G).

Difficult-to-strip-to hits (thanks, R).

The writer of Out Of Sight and Get Shorty on writing movies:

The habits of happy people (thanks, G).

I’ve posted clips before, but here is all of ‘Talking Funny’:

Have an acid trip without taking acid (thanks, R).

Terrible estate agent photos (thanks, G).

Stairway To Heaven brilliantly reworked by Heart. Yes, Heart. (Thanks, R.):

Ah, South African students… (Thanks, G):

Looking for a technique to steal for your ad? (Thanks, N.)