The residential black sea band, they rose up out of a sinking sand. The presidential elect man said, for what you want take the weekend

What do you mean…? (Thanks, J):

Tiger Woods throws his cap (thanks, G).

Thom Yorke tatt (thanks, J).

Looking for a burger in the US? (Thanks, V.)

Shit rough drafts (thanks, J).

Richest directors (thanks, G).

Yahoo-ise any logo (thanks, J).

Duck death animation for my mate’s company (thanks, P).

Utterly amazing ageing process thingie (thanks, H):

Toilet location quiz (thanks, J).

Mr Pimpgoodgame (thanks, G).

It’s not porn… (thanks, J):

Accidental penis (thanks, A).

How to make every tech commercial every made (thanks, J).

Ricky Gervais interview with The New York Times.

Skier needs a hug (thanks, G):

Gravity (thanks, J):

This bit of Putney Swope, starring Robert Downey Snr, is spookily similar to Robert Downey Jnr’s new HTC ad (thanks, E).