I don’t understand this ad


1. The VO that just reads out the supers. Why both? For blind people or deaf people? Neither of whom will make the most of a TV streaming service.

2. And the VO is creepy. He says ‘nowadays everybody does it’ like he’s just sidled up to an innocent first-timer at a wife swapping party.

3. There’s an air of smugness, like they’re terribly pleased with themselves for spotting the groundbreaking existence of the hitherto-very-well-known Fosbury Flop.  ‘And over there, if you look carefully, is a bear shitting in the woods.’

4. ‘Someone must dare to change the rules’? Yes, but how does Wuaki do that? It seems to be another version of Netflix, or Apple TV, or Virgin Media or X-Box Live or loads of comparable things. What rules have been changed other than the rules for how enormously you can overstate a very insignificant occurrence?

5. Did they intend for it to sound like ‘Whacky’? If so, odd intention; if not, oops.

6. Dick at the end. The real Dick. He’s alive! Who is? Dick Fosbury! Who gives a fuck? It’s not JFK, or Buzz Aldrin. It’s some old feller who could jump pretty high in the 60s. That’s mildly interesting, like finding out Living In A Box are still touring.

7. ‘Dare’? Is it daring to provide what seems to be a streaming service? Is Marcus Mumford Keith Moon?

8. It all feels very pan-European, if not, pan-global, but ironically it will appeal to precisely 0% of that globe.