Men on fire pray for rain. Who are madmen, who is sane? So ten men they get up and they say “Well, can we have the weekend?”

Awkward sexy (thanks, J).

Best infographics ever.

Watch this and spend the next four minutes going ‘Fuuuuuuuck’:

WW2 day by day (thanks, A):

10 dinosaur-on-human sex novels.

Take it away, Miley and Sinead (thanks, D):

Here is today (thanks, J).

Amazing behind-the-scenes movie moments (thanks, G).

80s American DJs with topless women (thanks, B).

Sir Hegarty’s fave ads (thanks, V).

Parents who nailed it on Hallowe’en (thanks, G).

All Saul Bass’s film posters (thanks, J).


Drugs in the movies:

Life advice from Frank Gehry (thanks, E).