Do you miss 2006?

Here’s a new Sony ad:

Ah… that takes me back…

Ads with massive pillow fights, or water pistol fights, or entire towns covered in foam or paint or whatever.

Seems a long time ago.

But this ad makes me realise I really don’t miss those days.

Which got me thinking: have I moved on, or have we?

Do these big, costly wankathons belong to a bygone era, or is that just a particularly unimaginative one?

Could we handle more ads with colossal budgets if they were attached to decent ideas, or would it be like the richness overload of a foie gras wagyu stilton burger after a year of living on dry toast? Could we really appreciate the kind of ostentatious vulgarity that makes us look down on oligarchs?

And will we ever find out?